Wednesday, June 17, 2009

James Blake

Due to the fact that Wimbledon starts on Monday, I have decided to BWAB another tennis player. Which I have discovered is actually my third. I guess beards and tennis have been going hand in hand for a while now and who am I to scoff at tradition?

So here we have James Blake. While he certainly is slammin, he has never won a Grand Slam - which is a shame. I think that he can get close this year; he has overcome a fair bit to continue his tennis career. Did you know that a few years ago he slid into the net post and broke his neck! After that I would think overcoming the Teacher’s Aide (Roger Federer) would be dead easy.

Plus he looks very good when smiling and holding up trophies. Reason enough to let the man win Wimbledon!

Go James and mind the net post!

Oh James, even after being BWAB-ed you couldn't come up with the goods. At least you bought good beard, I guess.

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