Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Eric Bana

Poida, your beard is noice!

I have seen Eric Bana in real life with my own eyes twice. The first time was when he was a stand up comedian. He was supporting Jimeoin about 100 years ago. The other time was a couple of years ago and he was having a coffee at a pretty average café in Melbourne. There I was getting my morning caffeine fix and who should be there but The Incredible Hunk himself! That was exciting.

He is kind of a big deal these days and I think “Good on you, Eric” and then I think “Wow, your name is Eric. Eric. Eric. Just doesn’t seem to strike as the name of a big time movie star” and then I go on to think that it’s amazing that Bob Marley’s name is Bob and Bob Hawke’s name is Bob and isn’t weird that two men who are so different have the same first name? And then that’s me gone for the day, usually.

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