Friday, May 29, 2009

Joaquin Phoenix

Ok – so perhaps I have been a little bias in the pictures I have chosen for my ‘with’ and ‘without’ beard pictures. I will concede this – but as in any form of research or documentary aren’t you going to go with the information that bests support your point of view?
But in the name of balance I will present an exhibit of a man who, dare I say it, is not better with a beard. Whooo, that hurt.

Oh, Joaquin. We are waiting for the all mighty reveal. You know, when you say to us “Gotcha! Haven’t really gone insane. Was just all a big joke”. And we can breathe a sigh of relief because “Hehe…we knew all along that you were joking but there was just that teeny bit doubt in our minds when we thought that maybe you were crazy for reals. That was a good one, Joe”
But maybe the reveal isn’t coming? Maybe, Joaquin, you are going to be doing this for your whole life:
rather than being the sad-eyed-kind-of-weird-looking-yet-hot guy that we had grown to love?

Maybe if you just, oh I don’t know, brushed your hair and had a shower you might look better with a beard. But most certainly not that one. I would suggest something that makes you look a little less....homeless. Please?