Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Ewan McGregor

I like this Ewan McGregor person. He's a good one isn't he? He's done so many interesting things.

He has sung Elton John to the Devil's Eyebrow (aka Nicole Kidman), dropped his pants, made some TV shows about riding around the place on a motorbike with his friend Charlie, has been Obi-Wan and he has dropped his pants.
I had to say that twice because he has dropped his pants rather a lot.

He also has that lovely ginger-ish tinge that the fair-heads get when they grow a beard which I find quite amusing. I also enjoy watching him being interviewed when he's beardy because he does that "stroking-of-beard-when-thinking" so well.

Nice work, Ewan. It's been a pleasure Bwab-ing you.

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