Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Pat Rafter

Pat Rafter seems like a nice guy doesn’t he? So much better than that Lady Hewitt. Not even a beard can save that boy! But we are not here to talk about him. Not ever. You hear me!
Sorry. Back to Pat.
I always think that Pat Rafter and Sarah Murdoch are married. I don’t know why I think that. Maybe it’s because they wear the same undies? And sometimes when people talk about Pat Rafter I think of Pat Cash and think ‘Pat Cash started a charity for kids? Wow”.
It’s confusing having two tennis players called Pat! Especially when you consider that Pat is hardly anyone’s name. I feel I'm not giving Pat the respect he deserves. He was good at tennis and has a lovely beard and according to the internets his nickname is “Skunky”.
So from now on I’m going to try very hard to remember things about Pat Cash and not get him confused with anyone else.
What's that? Oh.

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