Monday, May 18, 2009

Jensen Ackles

Jensen Ackles sure is good looking. But – without the beard I just think that he is a bit “Days of our Lives” good looking. Not that I would stop him from putting his name on my dance-card if he was beard-free. He most certainly is my favourite Winchester (for my money Sam totally overdoes the “clenchy-clenchy jaw” acting. It’s too distracting).

He does have a slight case of the “crazy-eyes” in his beardy pic. I think that that adds to the appeal.

I was quite disappointed to learn that the boys were recently in Sydney for a “Supernatural” convention. I actually found out about 5 days after the convention had been held. I then had to consider whether or not I was the type of person who goes to Sydney for “Supernatural” conventions and I decided that I probably wasn’t.


  1. How come Sadie didn't make the cut?

  2. It's about being 'better'. It's all in the title really.